Sunday, November 1 we ventured into that dreaded book of the Bible Revelation. The Christian Church through the years has painted much to dark a picture of Revelation. Yes it is filled with imagery and symbols that are somewhat frighten and difficult to figure out but if we remember it was a letter, much like Romans, or Philippians, written to a group of Christians living in the Roman Empire during the time of the lion’s den and gladiator persecution we can see why the images and symbols were needed and used. The author, known by the name John, exiled to an island is used by God to send a message of hope to the Christians being persecuted and killed. Sunday’s text was Revelation 21:1-6 where John’s vision of a new heaven and a new earth with no more tears, no more pain, and no more death … John’s vision was meant to paint a picture of a world better than they are living in currently. John’s vision reminds us that God is still at work no matter how things may appear in our world.

To get a head start on this week’s sermon read Mark 12:38-44 and consider what does this have to do with God’s Refrigerator. See you Sunday!!