North GA Mountains History Center organization, an501c (3) nonprofit is reaching out to all the churches in the Pickens community. We need your prayers! Our board believes in the power of prayer.

It is our hope to secure a building adequate for honoring our military veterans. We will have an expansive display of military exhibits featuring all the wars including the American Revolutionary War so that we can honor those who fought for us and for those who died for us.

In addition to the military museum, there will be insightful exhibits of Pickens Mountain history. One of our goals is to offer tours of the historic churches, cemeteries, and landmarks in the county.

Another goal is to partner with the school systems and offer trunk shows and educational programs.

The only thing that we are asking of you is to tell your congregation about our mission and organization. We have a 1,000 People Campaign to help get the word out and hopefully raise enough funds to secure a building that will be ADA compliant and easily accessible to the residents and visitors.

Please pray for our success in accomplishing our mission!

God Bless,

Jan Murphy