Well it has been a few weeks since I have been able to grab some time in my day to think through and put together a sermon recap.  As I think about that for today I would rather share with you an exchange I had with a friend yesterday.  I had the chance yesterday to share some time with a friend I have not talked with in over eight years.  He was not a church member of a former church he is a good Christian man I met within one of the communities I was blessed to live.  He shared with me about his process of rededication to Christ.  He stated he had done this throughout his Christian walk.  At different moments in his life he would spend time in prayer and basically say God I give all I have to you show me what you want me to do I rededicate my life to you do with me what you need.  What a prayer!  All of us need to spend time with God in this way.  As a United Methodist I feel it is a daily form of rededication for others it may be similar to my friend something done at different moments in life to re-center and focus.  However we do it we need to do it!  Now the realization is to know that when you pray this kind of prayer either daily or every five years be prepared to go where God leads.  My friend shortly after his latest rededication was asked to lead a Sunday School class in his church and to become a Deacon.  He has never done either one and did not feel worthy but he received it as an answer to prayer and stepped out of the boat and placed his feet on the water and his eyes on Jesus.  That is the response God needs and wants when we give our life to God.  Are you ready to take the best trip you have ever had?  Are you ready to experience life in a way you have never seen?  Are you ready to have the truly abundant life of which Christ speaks?  If so pray my friend’s prayer, God I give all I have to you show me what you want me to do I rededicate my life to you do with me what you need.

This Sunday get ahead by reading Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 and we will focus on the title “Limitless Love”.

Here are two upcoming golfing events to support worthwhile ministries.

NGUMM Early Bird discounts end today for the UMM Golf Fundraiser!
This will be a 1;30 PM shotgun start on Friday April 22nd at Woodmont Golf and Country Club.  The dinner afterward will be a BBQ dinner with sides followed by ton of raffles and auction items. Please invite your non-golfing friends too for dinner. To register; Please fax or email your registration by midnight Monday 29th to take advance of the discounted golf for registering!  Please call Larry Delbridge with questions at 404.493.2288 or email him at LarryDelbridge@gmail.com.

Do we have any golfers in our congregation?  How about any golfers who feel high education is important?  How about golfers who feel higher education at a United Methodist affiliated university is worth supporting?  If any or all of these applies to you I invite you to join me for the 23th annual United Methodist Scholarship Golf Outing, Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at Bent Tree Golf Course here in Jasper, Georgia.  I would really love to have two or more teams of four playing in this worthwhile golf outing.  The cost is $145 per player can be paid through the church.  If you are interesting in playing please let me, Pastor Greg, know.  I am planning to play and I am looking to hear from the first three folks who are willing to join my foursome.  Thank you in advance for your support and consideration.