Well it has been a few months since I shared a sermon recap and I need to get back in the practice of doing this each week.  Today I want to recap the last three weeks and look forward to this Sunday, October 30.  We started our Stewardship Journey on October 9 with the thought that we give in response to all we have been given by God.  God blesses our life so much and God is generous even though we don’t deserve the blessings.  October 16 we explored the idea that giving only makes since if we are fools of God.  The concept of giving does not make good since to the world and therefore to us unless we have given our heart over to God.  When we give our life to God then giving makes since and we want to give.  Now this last Sunday, October 23 we worked together to understand giving is an act of worship.  We processed that all we have belongs to God and our very life belongs to God so we should be a living worship service every day and if we are living worship than giving is just another part of that worship experience.  Giving in response because our life belongs to God is an opportunity to give honor, glory and praise to God and that is an act of worship.  This Sunday, October 30 we will conclude our Stewardship Journey as we look at Gifts with 1 Timothy 6:17-19, “Money Thinking”  in the text Paul is instructing Timothy on to inform his church that we should not find our worth in what we have but in who has us.  Think about that this week as you consider your commitment for 2017.  Do you have a new appreciation for what it means to be a steward of God when it comes to money?  Are you ready to make a commitment maybe for the first time?  Are you considering raising your commitment this year?  Folks we have had a great 2016 and it is based on a strong faith shared by a body of Christ.  We have had a great year not just because we have not had to worry so much about money but also because we are praying, our attendance in worship and other ministry areas is up, we are serving one another and others in our community and because these things are better so is our witness in our community and our world.  God has richly blessed us and we are called to be a blessing as well.  I invite you to join me as we strive to be the blessing used by God to transform the world!


For Your Information of upcoming events

See you Sunday, October 30 for one service at 11:00AM with a covered dish luncheon to follow.  Bring your commitment card with you or fill it out on Sunday morning as we will pray God’s blessing over all that are shared.

Big thank you for all the willingness to help us move in our new home here in Jasper, we are planning to make the major move on Saturday, November 5.  We will meet at the A-1 Storage on Hwy 515 at 9:00AM.  If you are willing to help it would be greatly appreciated.  Trucks, trailers, hand trucks and dollies will be needed so come join us as we make the move to Jasper!

Yearly Charge Conference scheduled for Sunday, November 13 at 4:00PM at Elijay First United Methodist Church.  Everyone is invited to join us as we celebrate ministry with all the UMC in Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin Counties.