This week’s Christmas Dilemma was that of the Innkeeper’s belief. The Innkeeper had a day full of frustration, aggravation, stress, struggle and worry as he tried to care of all the folks filling his inn. We can only imagine how tired he was to hear one more knock at his door that first Christmas Eve. But then, he is nudged to notice what he had not seen and he experiences the holy and everything changes. Has our Christmas season been so full of the same things that we have missed the holy as well? The holy is there and this is your nudge to notice. Look for the holy and may it strengthen our belief!

By the way worship for December 23 and December 30 will be 8:30am and 11:00am only. We have found when Sunday falls so close to Christmas and New Years it is good to try something different. The 8:30am service both December 23 and 30 will be traditional but the 11:00am on the 23rd will be Traditional and on the 30th Awakening Contemporary. We will return to our 8:30am, 9:45am and 11:00am services as usual on Sunday, January 6, 2019.

One last thought over the next couple of weeks please call the office before you just drop in as our staff will be in and out spending time with family during the Christmas season. The office number is 706-253-2100.