With Sunday, November 22 being the Sunday before Thanksgiving it is always a good time to be reminded that we are very blessed. Too often we travel through life filled with worry, complaining and fussing about things great and small. When we allow ourselves to focus on these things we miss blessings. The text God uses to remind me of the importance to push worry, complaining and fussing out of the way and see that God is there can be found in Matthew 6:25-33. Here Jesus tells us not to worry about the things of life, food, drink, clothing, etc.. To paraphrase the scripture reads, consider the birds of the air, consider the lilies of the valley, if God cares for them think how much more God cares for you. Therefore, if God cares so deeply for me then why should I fill my time with worry, complaining and fussing?

As the video, from SkitGuys.com, below shows sometimes we need to take just a moment to clear the messy fog to see the messy blessings all around us. I don’t know what your week holds but I pray you will be able to do just that so that you can experience God’s love in the midst of the messy blessings of Thanksgiving!

November 29 begins the wonderful season of Advent. This season is the anticipation of the birth of Emmanuel, God with us! To look ahead you can read Jeremiah 33:14-16 and we will consider the gift of “Advent”.