This past Sunday, April 23 we spent some time looking at 1 Peter 1:3-9, here Peter, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, is writing to encourage a group of Jesus followers.  It was necessary for Peter to share the good news concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus because there were no reporters with cameras and microphones with local TV news shows reporting at the empty tomb.  There was no internet or social media to spread the word of the risen Savior.  The only way to answer the question “why should be continue to follow Jesus?” was by word of mouth and letters.  Followers not in Jerusalem, following the empty tomb, were wondering why we should continue to follow the teachings of a man who is dead.   Peter wanted to reassure them that the death and resurrection of Jesus was real and provided salvation and power to the follower, the believer those who had faith.  The followers of Christ in Peter’s day and today need to be reminded that it is through Jesus’ willing death we have salvation and it is due to Jesus’ resurrection that we have power over the evil of this world.  Do you know the justifying and sanctifying grace of God?  The justifying grace saves us at the cross through Christ’s willing sacrifice for our sake, and sanctifying grace is what is at work in us offering the power of God to overcome the evil of the world.  Peter wanted the people to experience the grace of God and know the blessed assurance that the grace of God brings.  Do you know this blessed assurance?


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River Of Life begins Friday, April 28 and you are invited to join our youth for worship at 7:00pm.  Rev. Adam Roberts, Director of Spiritual Life at LaGrange College, will be our speaker and music will be provided by Dana Potvin, Director of Modern Worship at Dalton FUMC.  Make plans now to be part of this wonderful evening of worship.