Sunday, January 10 was Baptism of the Lord Sunday, this is the day in the Christian year we remember and celebrate the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist there on the Jordan River. I often use that Sunday to remind us about Baptism in the United Methodist Church. Let’s start with the most important thought Baptism is a celebration of the love God has for you and all humanity. Baptism is not about a decision you and I make it is about the decision God made to love humanity. Let’s face it if it was about our decisions we would need Baptism every day. Our decisions are often selfish and self-centered. When we understand Baptism to be about God’s decision to love us that never changes, God loves humanity yesterday, today and forever and that love does not change. That is why in the United Methodist Church we are only baptized one time. It does not matter if that Baptism comes when you are two days old, twelve years old or hundred and two years old. Baptism no matter the age is to celebrate the love God has for you and all humanity. Please understand we Baptize infants, we don’t christen, we baptize. You christen a ship and baptize a baby. Next, Baptism is not about the water. Water is to symbolize the love of God washing over us. The amount of water is insignificant as well, whether sprinkled, (this is the form of Baptism most often celebrated in the UMC), emerced (placed completely under water) or poured the water has the same meaning. Just as water goes and covers all in its path so does God’s love. One side note in the United Methodist Church we will celebrate Baptism all three ways, it is up to the person being Baptized. Ultimately, Baptism is a celebration of God’s never ending, never changing, and always inspiring love. Baptism is a sacrament that takes place in worship and worship is about God not humanity. We come to worship to celebrate, praise and seek God! Worship is not where we come to be patted on the back or say look at me and what I have done. Baptism is not about you and me it is about God, God’s love and God’s mercy and that is worth celebrating.