Sunday, November 8 we shared thoughts concerning the importance of having a willing, loving and generous heart. In Mark 12:38-44 we read the story what not to do and what to do when it comes to giving to God. The focus on the widow’s small gift being greater than all others offered show us it is the heart and not the amount that matters go God. That is not to say those of us who have more can give less. We should give willingly from what we have and give generously. We should also give in response and following the example of Christ. We summed our thoughts up by talking about the old fashion refrigerator that was often covered in art work gifts we offered to our parents and grandparents. Art work not museum worthy yet received a place of honor on the refrigerator. I shared the origami that holds a place in my office because they were gifts from my son Wesley. All of this to say God has a place of honor for the gifts given from the loving hearts of his children. I closed by sharing that God’s refrigerator is filled with the gifts of God’s loving children. The “art work” fills the heavens with color and grace.

To get a head start on this week’s sermon read Hebrews 10:11-25 and consider the title “The Welcome Mat”.