What a wonderful service of worship we had Sunday, October 25!! It was a grand celebration of all God’s blessings; from the Youth Choir to KOK choir, Praise Band, Chancel Choir and Bells we lifted praise to God in style. Thank you to all those who planned and participated to bring this all together!! Our scripture focus was on I Corinthians 12, Paul’s focus on spiritual gifts and the need for all these gifts within the body of Christ. Paul’s use of the human body as an example of how Christ’s body, the church, should work together is amazing. Think about it we all are different yet we all work together to do God’s work. Every person is needed and every person has value. Read it again and then flow into I Corinthians 13 and see how being a healthy body of Christ is focused on love. Another way to be a healthy body is to have some idea what are your spiritual gifts. To assist us I would like to share with you a Spiritual Gifts Assessment that you can take and help you better understand how God has gifted you for service in and through the United Methodist Church. Use this link and follow the directions there is also a short video on the link to explain spiritual gifts. http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/spiritual-gifts

Also find below a video I meant to use Sunday but chose not to due to time constraint. It is just some further thoughts about being a servant of God.