Sunday we were blessed to share worship with Thomas Agutu, a brother in Christ serving the people of Obaga, Kenya. He shared with us the need in his culture to care for the widows and orphans that are seen as second class citizens. Widows lose all they have when their husband dies. The widow has no rights and no way to care for herself or her children. Thomas shared that through God’s love and grace and with our assistance the “Jewels of Obaga”, the widows are finding a voice and hope. With projects such as the Golden Houses where they can have a place to live and care for their children and in many cases care for orphans as well these “Jewels of Obaga” are experiencing and sharing God’s love. Through the green house, water filters, water storage tanks and the goat project they are able to feed and care for one another and share with others. What I am excited about is the fact that Thomas is a brother in Christ who is striving to share God’s love with people in his village. When we allow ourselves to come along side Thomas we are walking together assisting and loving not as westerners who have more and know more but as friends, brothers and sisters in Christ caring for God’s children. John Wesley, founder of Methodism, stated that the world is our parish, this world does not end at our county line or the state line or even the boarders of the country. Yes we have people to serve here in Pickens County without a doubt and we need to hear from and offer ourselves as servants here but we also can willingly assist in other places nationally and internationally so that God’s love and gospel is shared in every corner of the world.

You may have a calling or a desire to serve God in and through various mission opportunities. Your heart may be drawn to the local need that is great! Your heart may be drawn to national or international need and this is great as well! Follow your heart and serve where God calls. This next part is the tricky part of being a follower of Christ; we must find a way to celebrate one another’s calling. Just because you are not called to the local does not mean someone else should not be called there and the same is true with national and international. There is tremendous need all around the world for the love of God. Go where you are called and celebrate with those who are called to other places in doing this we are following Christ!

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